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Influencing people to make changes because of the climate crisis can be tough. Facts and data alone won’t do the job. Thinking about climate change involves complex issues and emotions we can’t ignore.

Our team have deep experience in influencing people to take climate action. We know how challenging it can feel to act, to make significant changes and to believe it’s worthwhile when the issue feels so enormous. We get it, and we know what works. Through our training and coaching, we can equip you to inspire and lead creative, ambitious action across communities, organisations and even systems.

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The climate change coaches have demonstrated true authenticity and empathy in creating a safe space for our internal coaches to experience powerful learning. Our coaches now feel confident to support some of our most senior leaders as they work through the complexities of climate change to better support the organisation to play its part in addressing climate change.

Nicholas Caesar and Fay Manvell

NatWest Group Leadership & Talent & Group Coach Capability Manager

The Climate Change Group Coaching Programme has helped me flourish in so many ways. Not only has it given me the confidence to share out responsibility when it comes to action, but it has shown me that one needs to take time out to reflect and develop oneself. The various tools I learnt made me feel confident to tackle things with different methods to reach different solutions.

Group coaching participant

The climate change coaches deliver inspiring sessions to the Women4Climate community on how to influence change. Zoe and Sarah are excellent facilitators who provided participants with clear and actionable takeaways. The trainers created the needed space for interaction between participants and encouraged insightful discussion. Overall, the sessions are well balanced, easy to follow and engaging throughout. The climate change coaches team is very professional and great to work with.

Marta Stencel

Project Lead at Women4Climate, C40 Cities


Smiling lady having coffee engaged in conversation

Webinar, Niching Your Coaching Around the Planet

Our March 4th webinar “4 Ways to Niche Your Coaching Around the Planet” was attended by almost 100 coaches, with another 70 receiving the recording. On Climate Coaching Action Day 2021, four of the Climate Change Coaches team came together to offer a fun, open discussion of how to niche a coaching business in service…

Chizu Matsushita

Chizu Matsushita, Climate Change Coach

Tales of people using a coaching approach to our climate problems. Chizu Matsushita, originally from Japan, is a professional facilitator and coach. For close to 20 years, she worked in international humanitarian assistance, living in different parts of the world, moving from one place to another every few years. Settling in the Netherlands five years…

Soil and Gras

Free Meditation

A specially-recorded meditation from Climate Change Coach, Hamish Mackay-Lewis to celebrate World Soil Day 2020. Hamish is a coach, facilitator and meditation teacher based in London. For World Soil Day he invites us to connect to the soul of the earth and the aliveness of the soil beneath our feet. We highly recommend you do…

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