our mission

The Climate Change Coaches exist to spark imagination and possibility about climate change and equip people to lead and inspire action that changes systems.

what we do

We help people make sense of the emotional and practical impact climate change has on them, their organisations and their communities so that they can take meaningful action. Through our Training programme to Inspire and Lead Change for the Climate, our group coaching sessions, ICF-accredited training for internal coaches, and ICF-accredited coach training programme for individual coaches, we:

  • Equip people to build relationships and have conversations that influence others to act on climate change
  • Move people past perceived barriers and spark ambitious, creative climate action
  • Fuel people’s imaginations about what’s possible locally and globally when together we take positive action

What we believe

The climate crisis is a human problem

Climate change is a human behaviour problem. Changing our behaviour can help us survive it and acknowledging this gives us some power. The more ingenious and creative the changes we can imagine, the better.

Change requires connection

People listen when they feel a connection. If they don’t feel heard they’re not going to budge. You can only connect with people on an emotional level. People’s hearts have to come into it. We can’t ignore the big emotions.

Action that counts needs a head-heart balance

However compelling the science about climate change, data doesn’t change behaviour. Positive emotions and belief do. Overwhelming emotions can prevent us taking effective action. We need to balance the head and the heart.

Climate leadership is for everyone

With the right skills, anyone can influence and inspire others to act and make changes for the climate.  Every conversation and every individual action swells the wider waves of change. And every person with these skills can share them with others.

The Climate Change Coaches team

Just like you, we want to make a contribution to alleviating the impact of climate change. We believe that belief is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and we know as coaches that when people believe and are believed in, they do incredible things. In every interaction we have, we see our job as cultivating that belief. We give you the skills to do the same, so that the transition feels possible, and you feel capable and even excited about it.

We are all professionally trained coaches with years of experience and thousands of hours of coaching under our belts. We know first-hand that change is possible for everyone.  Our team have worked in leadership development, psychotherapy and change management, in sustainability, environmentalism, international development, the military, start-ups and multi-national for-profit businesses. Whoever you are, we have someone who really ‘gets it’ the way you do.

Charly Cox

Charly Cox


Zoe Greenwood

Zoe Greenwood



Laura Elliott

Support and Administration

Joey Clifton

Joey Clifton

Climate Change Coach

Emily Buchanan

Climate Change Coach

Ruth Springer

Ruth Springer

Climate Change Coach

Sarah Flynn

Climate Change Coach

Megan Fraser

Megan Fraser

Climate Change Coach


Ruma Biswas

Climate Change Coach

our commitment to sustainability

While we don’t advise on how others can be more sustainable, we have designed our own business to have the smallest possible impact on the planet.

Online training

The majority of our training is held online. While not carbon free, this does cut out travel and its associated carbon-footprint when you learn with us.

Carbon-light tech

Our website is hosted by Green Geeks, who cut carbon by putting 3x the power they consume back into the grid in the form of renewable energy. Our domain provider is Zen Internet, who are also proudly carbon neutral and pursuing carbon positivity. Like many we know, we use Ecosia as our search engine of choice.

People first

As a team, we value and prioritise family life as much as work life. We encourage all of our team to down tools for the whole of August every year, and we avoid running training sessions during any school holidays to make it easier for others to attend.

Travelling lightly

When we travel for work we take public transport as a first resort and cars and planes as a second.


Our website is consciously designed to load quickly and therefore use less power. You may notice some pages don’t include photographs for that reason.

Company set-up

We’re proudly a for-profit company because we want to be part of a business revolution by modelling purpose and principles in the commercial sector. Many of our customers consider us trusted advisors for our integrity and willingness to turn down work that isn’t in our skillset.

We’re working towards becoming a B-Corporation. This will give us the chance to enshrine our intention to be a business that works for the sustainability, not only of the company but of the world in which we live, in our Articles of Association.

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