Got a question? Read our FAQs below:

Do you only work with scientists and environmentalists?

Not at all, though they are very welcome too. We train people who want to transform their organisations, communities and systems. Often the people who hire us are technical specialists, but the people we train are usually their staff and leaders. The main criteria for working with us is that you want to serve something bigger than yourself.

Does this mean that social entrepreneurs and those solving social problems should go elsewhere?

No. Aside from the fact that we have a big place in our hearts for people who are solving the social problems that are holding us back as a global society, as systems coaches we know that these problems exist within the complexity of a climate context. We also know that social inequality and climate change go hand in hand in many cases, and that we won’t solve one without the other.

Do you work with for-profit businesses?

Yes! We believe that business and entrepreneurship has a huge role to play in climate change mitigation and adaptation. We have seen real corporate leadership in the last few years and we want to be part of propelling more businesses forwards. We help companies to see the opportunity in the difficulty, to make changes to the way that they work that benefit everyone, themselves included.

Do you work with organisations on their environmental stuff?

No, the opposite, we work with organisations on their organisational stuff! But we only work with organisations that have embraced climate change and sustainability as either their core business (where their business is environmental) or as a meaningful part in their operations (where it isn’t). We work with teams, CEOs and Founders, and their Directors to help them embed and enable others to feel more comfortable with change. That may involve group coaching to bring people on board or training in how to gain commitment to change not just compliance in it.

Do you advise organisations on sustainability?

No, we leave that to the sustainability professionals. However we also know that once the sustainability audit has been done and the path ahead chosen, that change is hard and transformation even harder. We can help you to overcome blockers to that transformation to make real organisational shift.

Are your team qualified coaches?

Yes, all of our team are trained and qualified coaches, and all subscribe to the ICF code of ethics. We take training very seriously, and while we know that coaching skills are very human skills, we want our team to be able to teach coaching skills from a variety of perspectives. Our participants really value hearing about our coaches experiences with real coachees, and so we place emphasis on all of our team having a broad experience of coaching their own clients around climate change. The majority of our team are credentialled ICF members. All new associates joining our team are required to hold an ICF accreditation of PCC or above, or an equivalent level from another accrediting body.

I notice you charge VAT, what’s your VAT number?

Yes we do, and our VAT registration number is 373107022. If you are based outside of the UK then we are not legally required to charge you VAT. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Can you tell me when my recycling bin will be collected after the next bank holiday?

No-one knows that, silly.