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We put coaching into the hands of climate leaders so that they can create change faster. We’re proud to have been recognised by B Corporation for our positive impact model

we are B-ing the change

We are a For Impact business. We built the Climate Change Coaches for one reason: to make a positive impact on climate change. We spend a lot of time with new clients really getting to the heart of how we can best solve their problems, not simply best profit from them. We want to know that we can achieve significant change together. Joining the B Corp movement strengthened that for us, encouraging us to focus even more boldly on impact.

We joined the B Corp movement, because like them we believe that everyone has a role to play in tackling the big issues of our time, and because B Corporation is all about impact, and what you do, not just what you say you will.

From the day we started the Climate Change Coaches, we wanted to be a B Corporation.

We went through a rigorous assessment process, in which we provided hard evidence of both the impact of our work and our socially and environmentally responsible practices. For a bit of context, our heroes Futerra scored 102.3 and Finisterre scored 93.2. It’s tough! But it’s about so much more than points.

As a B Corp we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Yet we’re among only 23% of B Corps to be female owned. We’ve got to increase that!

we got a whopping B Corp score!

100.4 points!

Climate Change Coaches team celebrating B Corp status

clients who are facing the climate crisis head on

We work with private sector organisations that are reorienting around big climate targets and with not-for-profits that enable their communities to take climate action. They want to go beyond intention to take decisive action. We equip them to tackle the human behaviour change challenge that comes with big transformation like this, so that no stakeholder is left behind in the change. Many people tell us they have changed the way they think, influence and approach difficulty in their work. The skills that we pass on long outlast our time together, and create the kinds of bonds between people that help them weather the challenges still to come.

some of our commitments to B-ing a force for good

In becoming certified, Climate Change Coaches has made a legal commitment to all of our stakeholders, including the planet. Our B-Corporation certification gives us the ability to loudly proclaim our values and a bit more muscle to defend our ethics. This extends to the way we support our team, the relationships we build with suppliers and the time and money we give away to help others. Being a B Corp is a symbol to us, our clients, and our community that it takes a company that cares about its own humans to change human behaviour in others.

People first

As a team, we value and prioritise family life as much as work life, whatever ‘family’ means to our team. We encourage and support all of our team to put their mental and physical health first, and we also do operational things like avoiding running training sessions during any school holidays to make it easier for both team and participants to attend. This makes us more inclusive and it also chimes with research that says that people with more leisure time have a lower carbon footprint.

Carbon-light tech

Our website is hosted by Green Geeks, who cut carbon by putting 3x the power they consume back into the grid in the form of renewable energy. Our domain provider is Zen Internet, who are also proudly carbon neutral and pursuing carbon positivity. Like many we know, we use Ecosia as our search engine of choice. Our website is consciously designed to load quickly and therefore use less power. You may notice some pages don’t include photographs for that reason.

Online training and lighter travel

The majority of our training is held online. While not carbon free, this does cut out travel and its associated carbon-footprint when you learn with us. When we do have to travel for work we take public transport as a first resort and cars and planes as a second.

Company set-up

We’re proudly a for-profit company because we want to be part of a business revolution by modelling purpose and principles in the commercial sector. Many of our customers consider us trusted advisors for our integrity and impact-focus. In becoming a certified B Corp, Climate Change Coaches has legally embedded our commitment to purpose beyond profit into our company articles, making a legal commitment to all of our stakeholders, including the planet.

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