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Are you a sustainability or environmental professional and want more impact? Maybe you need tools to overcome your clients’ overwhelm, or negotiate better with stakeholders? We work with organisations too, and we know the challenges. Our courses can move you on further, faster.

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When it comes to climate, we need to move fast, which can be hard in organisations. You may have created a technically sound transition plan, but then hit a wall as leaders realise the scale of the change required. Most likely you already have methods of navigating these psychological hurdles, but are realising that empowering others is increasingly a big chunk of the job.

Our training will equip you to empower and influence people to change, and even to be a compassionate thinking partner to leaders as they grapple with the climate crisis itself.

What if you could have a concrete set of coaching skills, to complement your technical toolkit?

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climate change coaches’ program provided me with helpful approaches for addressing the deep emotions that often get in the way of us taking personal and collective action around climate change. It also filled me with hope and inspiration to meet so many other coaches from around the globe, all working towards one cause, each in our own way. Lastly, it provided business ideas and models for how to sustainably coach for a sustainable world.

Lisa Hecht

Clean Careers Coach

The climate change coaches circle is a truly enlightening course delivered with warmth and expertise. I’d highly recommend it for any coaches who want to deepen their learning on how to help people faced with the climate emergency and other systemic issues (such as the pandemic). You get to grow with an international network of like-minded coaches who are all working across a diverse range of specialisms.



The coaching circle was a warm and safe way for me to grow professionally as well as personally into the role as climate change coach. Charly and Megan are both skilled and humble coaches and teachers, and every session they shared generously from their own experiences and techniques. The teachers and the participants interacted in a dynamic way, making resource and thought exchange possible, making good use of the Zoom environment. I highly recommend joining the circle of you’re longing to use your coaching skills to make a difference for the planet.

Jens Malmström


This course has been invaluable and had a significant impact on helping to move my thinking forward on how to integrate climate change into my coaching offer. I’m excited to see where this new found learning, knowledge and drive – to help people working on climate change issues to carve out more guilt-free time for self-care – will take me.

Louisa Daubney

Purposeful coach

Expertly designed and led, this course offers a safe space to learn, experiment and grow. It’s shown me how best to support clients to connect with their personal stake in nature and to be empowered in the actions they take to protect our world.



Climate Coaching Training Programme by the Climate Change Coaches has been one of the most stimulating, expansive and rewarding trainings that I have done as a coach to date. The team brought depth and sensitivity to the course, and were supported by well considered and detailed material. Having a community that is both like-minded and yet different enough to be challenging has long been something I’ve missed as a coach, and CCC brought together one of the most interesting groups that I’ve been part of.


Development Coach

Coaching in an era of climate change means many of our clients are experiencing uncertainty, overwhelm, a sense of scarcity and emotions from frustration to anger and grief. This is a beautifully structured and well resourced course that builds on core coaching competencies and explores how to adapt, innovate and extend those skills to meet our clients’ needs even better. Its small group, interactive nature, with a great balance of input, paired/trio coaching practice and between session learning are a great foundation for anyone wanting to explore becoming a climate change coach.


Coach and Consultant