Equip your organisation with the skills to meet ambitious climate targets

Is your organisation working towards net zero, or even carbon positivity? Are you keen to lead the way when it comes to sustainable business? Then we’re here for you. Our training gives teams and leaders the insight and tools to galvanise company-wide action and reach your goals.

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When it comes to climate, we need to move fast, which can be hard in big organisations. You may have the technical skills to make the changes needed to take your business to net zero, but do the rest of your people believe in the change? Or are they feeling overwhelmed by the scale of it all? Our ready to go toolkit gives your managers the skills to empower and influence others to change, and even to support people emotionally as they grapple with the climate crisis itself. We will train your teams to connect the whole organisation to how important their actions are, so you can meet your climate goals, faster.

Training to transform your organisation’s culture in support of the environment

We create networks of people inside organisations that can drive change without bulldozing people, but instead bring them along. We can give your teams and leaders the insights and influencing skills they need to get everyone on board with your ambitious climate action plans.

Influencing training for TEAMS

Influencing training for TEAMS

Practical influencing skills delivered in a flexible format

  • A ready-to-use toolkit to influence and support others to embrace change and take action
  • Choose from 9 issue-focused modules, taken individually, or as one programme, or even combined to form a bespoke course designed around your needs
  • Experiential online learning, accessible to non-native English speakers, to allow you to bring together your global teams

group and individual coaching

Individual and group coaching for leaders

Dedicated time for managers to make sense of change and commit to action; or for the senior team driving the change to reflect and regroup as plans progress

  • Tailor topics to your organisational needs
  • Create space to focus, prioritise and decide how to operationalise climate targets
  • Strengthen resilience and avoid burnout
  • Build solidarity and trust and networks across teams
  • Enable managers to find their stake in your climate transformation



Internal capability in supporting people as they go through climate-related change

  • An ICF-accredited programme that broadens coaches’ skills to support systemic change in the face of the climate crisis
  • Equip your coaches to work with resistance to systemic change
  • Develop their ability to talk about the climate crisis & enable others to do so too
  • Create an internal engine to power transformation

The climate change coaches ran a fantastic session, giving very practical and simple tools to better support and empower one another. The live coaching was particularly inspiring, seeing firsthand how simple techniques can really shift the energy and self-belief in someone. Participants left feeling empowered and hopeful, and praised this session.

Anna Cura

Food Ethics Council, Lead Systems Strategist

The climate change coaches have demonstrated true authenticity and empathy in creating a safe space for our internal coaches to experience powerful learning. Our coaches now feel confident to support some of our most senior leaders as they work through the complexities of climate change to better support the organisation to play its part in addressing climate change.

Nicholas Caesar and Fay Manvell

NatWest Group Leadership & Talent and Group Coach Capability Manager

Hamish and Charly joined the Klosters Forum from the climate change coaches, hosting 3 workshops with, during the 3-day event, with the aim of helping expert participants find new perspectives and empower them to think in a different way. The climate change coaches guided them to focus on where they were and what they needed to do to change their behaviour. In this way the coaching provided a unique and interesting dimension to the Forum which our participants found hugely beneficial.

Camilla ter Haar

CEO, The Klosters Forum

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