Make every conversation about climate change count

What could you achieve if all the members of your network or those leading grassroots initiatives knew how to have tough conversations about the climate that led to great action? What if they could navigate the jagged emotions that this crisis evokes and inspire people to act? How about if they knew how to overcome resistance to the very idea of change itself? Our training and group coaching can give them these skills.

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Those in your network or community are already convinced that action is necessary and worthwhile. They’re motivated, connected to the issue, and willing to try and convince others about the need to act. But they may feel frustrated by the resistance they face in trying to do this, tired by the perceived snail’s pace of change, burnt out by putting their hearts into their work and unable to disconnect and recharge. How can you support them while also improving their chances of success?

Training to inspire and lead action on climate change

Influencing requires balance and connection. How do you balance the head and the heart? How do you have conversations with others that open up new perspectives for them and convince them that their actions are needed and significant? How do you stay mentally healthy while doing this hard work?

Influencing training for change makers

Influencing training for change makers

Practical skills for influencing and inspiring action in a range of stakeholders, delivered remotely so that everyone can attend.

  • A flexible training programme that can be taken as a complete course, as individual modules or designed around the needs of the people in your network
  • Experiential learning that is accessible to non-native English speakers and includes a workbook with further resources
  • Participants learn how to help themselves and others make sense of the issues and emotions around the climate crisis
  • They learn to inspire and enroll people in your mission, not frighten them with facts
  • Your network will gain practical skills to make every conversation about climate change count

group and individual coaching

Individual and group coaching for leaders and teams

A safe, supportive space for local network leaders or grassroots groups, who can in turn share what they learn with others.

  • Work through frustrations and develop a more comfortable relationship with the climate crisis
  • Create a resilience plan to help stay on track and avoid burnout during tough times
  • Strengthen team coherence and more consciously assign team roles
  • Develop the skills to lead others through change and uncertainty as work expands

The climate change coaches ran a fantastic session, giving very practical and simple tools to better support and empower one another. The live coaching was particularly inspiring, seeing firsthand how simple techniques can really shift the energy and self-belief in someone. Participants left feeling empowered and hopeful, and praised this session.

Anna Cura

Food Ethics Council, Lead Systems Strategist

The climate change coaches deliver inspiring sessions to the Women4Climate community on how to influence change. Zoe and Sarah are excellent facilitators who provided participants with clear and actionable takeaways. The trainers created the needed space for interaction between participants and encouraged insightful discussion. Overall, the sessions are well balanced, easy to follow and engaging throughout. The climate change coaches team is very professional and great to work with.

Marta Stencel

Project Lead at Women4Climate, C40 Cities

Hamish and Charly joined the Klosters Forum from the climate change coaches, hosting 3 workshops with, during the 3-day event, with the aim of helping expert participants find new perspectives and empower them to think in a different way. The climate change coaches guided them to focus on where they were and what they needed to do to change their behaviour. In this way the coaching provided a unique and interesting dimension to the Forum which our participants found hugely beneficial.

Camilla ter Haar

CEO, The Klosters Forum

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