internal coaches’ training programme

Climate Coaching to Transform Organisations

The programme

What would it be like to know that while your sustainability team is working to make change happen from the front, a cohort of internal coaches is supporting your efforts from behind? A team of coaches skilled in systems change in the context of the climate crisis and working alongside your sustainability team can create powerful conditions for transformation.

Practical details

This is an International Coach Federation accredited course, giving 17 CCEUs per participant (11 Core Competency, 6 Resource Development), with CCEU certificate for each participant.

  • This course offers 8 live sessions over 16 weeks, including:
    • Six live 150 minute online training sessions, that bring together teaching with practical coaching demonstration and practice, as well as personal reflection
    • One 90-minute Coach skills lab to drill your skills
    • One 90-minute Business Development Lab to bring this to life in your coaching practice
  • Sessions are delivered via Zoom by two of our experienced climate change coaches, skilled in building intimacy and trust over video.
  • Recordings of the sessions are shared with participants after each session.
  • Each session contains a mix of training, live coaching demonstration, coaching practice and reflection about the bigger picture at your organisation.
  • The course requires a mix of theoretical and practical homework between calls, with documented personal reflection.
  • Participants receive a comprehensive workbook including all slides and further resources.

Our ICF-accredited programme for internal coaches

In just 16 weeks, our International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Programme can equip your internal coaches to help your staff grapple with the bigger issues of systems change, climate risk and business transformation.

In our 8-session course we show coaches how to broaden their skills to help staff come to terms with the climate crisis, develop a healthier relationship to it, and overcome resistance to big change. Coaches can, in turn, reinvigorate or establish their own sense of purpose around this topic.

With their new skills, internal coaches can introduce discussions about the environment into every coaching conversation they have. While outside of those conversations they can model the behaviours that we know support change, such as acceptance, non-attachment and compassion.

I have been active in environmental issues for 40 years and the last 15 on climate change matters. The introductory course in coaching and climate change gave me a new knowledge on how to address the climate crisis. It made me think beyond technical issues, to emotional matters important for coaches and coaches. I found the course challenging, and rewarding.

Amanda Katili Niode

Climate Reality Leader/Food & Climate Shaper

Climate Change Coaches’ program provided me with helpful approaches for addressing the deep emotions that often get in the way of us taking personal and collective action around Climate Change. It also filled me with hope and inspiration to meet so many other coaches from around the globe, all working towards one cause, each in our own way. Lastly, it provided business ideas and models for how to sustainably coach for a sustainable world.

Lisa Hecht

Clean Careers Coach

The Climate Coaching Training Programme by the Climate Change Coaches is a truly enlightening course delivered with warmth and expertise. I’d highly recommend it for any coaches who want to deepen their learning on how to help people faced with the climate emergency and other systemic issues (such as the pandemic). You get to grow with an international network of like-minded coaches who are all working across a diverse range of specialisms.



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