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Inspire and Lead Change for Our Climate

The programme

Our modular training programme teaches practical skills for influencing change in the context of the climate crisis. Through the course, you and your colleagues learn to better connect to each other and the issue, and how to have conversations about climate change that move people from feeling powerless and overwhelmed to feeling capable and creative.

Practical details

  • Choose from our 8 issue-focused modules.
  • Complete any number of these standalone modules in any order.
  • Each module is delivered in a 3-hour live Zoom session by two of our experienced climate change coaches.
  • Invite up to 20 people to a session.
  • Keep the carbon footprint of training to a minimum with the live online learning sessions.
  • Learn and practice skills in the training sessions that can be implemented immediately.

Our coaches are trained in how to build intimacy and trust using video. Our Zoom training is not ‘death by screen time’ – there’s lots of time out of your seat. Each module comes with a simple workbook with the slides, further resources and prompts to encourage post-session reflection.


Making and breaking influence

The fundamentals of influencing (and how not to mess it up). Key skills to get to the heart of influence and the ways in which we create influence and break it.

Tell a compelling story & how to articulate your own & other’s stories

Learn how to define and land your own and others’ sense of purpose and use it to engage people, gaining commitment not compliance. Articulate your own narrative in a way that feels empowering and engaging.

Talk more easily about climate change (and reset disaster conversations)

Learn how to create the buy-in to talk about these issues, so that everyone feel comfortable and able to engage. Plus find out how to reset a conversation that is going awry, so that you can get back to inspiring action.

Dealing with defeatism

Skills for tackling perfectionism and the overwhelm of ‘where do we start?’ Powerful ways to shift a mindset of scarcity and ‘there’s not enough…’ to unlock action and resources as well as imagination and new ideas.

Landing big ambitions

How to set or take big goals and land them into actions that meet your agenda with defined behaviours that benefit everyone. How to pivot when the world around you changes and set goals that allow for a rapidly changing world.

Finding common ground and ending entrenched resistance

How to enrol people into action with you by identifying shared ambitions and beliefs. Tools for defining the values that are underpinning resistance to change, such that they can move back into action and agreement. Improving plans and outcomes by allowing new perspectives and building relationships of trust and respect.

Transforming bystanders into change agents

Tools to empower and champion others to step up and play their part, and methods to revive a sense of possibility in those whose motivation is running low. How to build resilience in others.

Staying sustainable and keeping your feet on the ground

Develop your own toolkit for how to look after yourself and not burn out in a rapidly changing context, while doing work that feels vital and important. Learn how to support others to more comfortably express deeper feelings of sadness, so that they can connect to their love of our world and their bigger commitment to it.

Working with us: what’s in it for you?

Learn to have tough conversations that change mindsets

Learn to have tough conversations that change mindsets

To convince people change is worthwhile you need to work through the big emotions around the climate crisis. Fear, overwhelm, scarcity and grief can’t be ignored if you want to discuss it.  Learn to do this without railroading people with your own passion.

Develop skills to inspire people to act and keep going

Develop skills to inspire people to act and keep going

The climate crisis can overwhelm us and lead to apathy and disengagement.
Learn to connect to people about the issue on an emotional level to spark belief and inspire action. And to reset a conversation or a relationship that’s gone wrong.

Bolster resilience and protect wellbeing for the long haul

Bolster resilience and protect wellbeing for the long haul

Both resistance and emotions can run high when talking about change. Even more so when that change is global. Gain tools to manage these situations and process your reactions, to build resilience and protect your wellbeing.

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