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Group coaching for climate action

The programme

Working in environmental change can be exciting… and frustrating. Our group coaching creates a safe, confidential space where leaders and teams working on the frontline of change can voice their frustrations and identify what they can do with the resources they have available to them.

In the series of 6 coaching sessions, they can connect with the issue, refuel their sense of purpose, build trust, process stressful encounters and gain skills in inspiring and leading change in the context of climate.

Practical details

  • Six confidential sessions of 120 minutes over 12 weeks.
  • Sessions are delivered via Zoom by one of our experienced climate change coaches, trained in our group-coaching methodology and skilled in building intimacy and trust over video.
  • Each group can have up to 8 people – the same 8 for the full series.
  • Topics are co-designed with the participants to meet their specific needs.
  • Each session contains a mix of group discussion, live coaching and reflection about the bigger picture.

Who’s it for?

Our group coaching sessions are tailored to your organisation for the people who are working on the frontline of change or tangentially to it. These could be:

  • Those leading the environmental agenda
  • Leaders who need to bring climate change meaningfully into their work and motivate change within their teams, but who haven’t had the chance to focus on how to do this, and
  • Teams or leaders working for change with customers or stakeholders.

Teams working in particularly challenging contexts can really benefit from the safe space created by group coaching. In the sessions they can process high-stress encounters with customers or stakeholders and reconnect to their bigger reasons for doing the work.

What’s involved?

Our series of 6 confidential sessions connects your team to the issue of climate change and guides them in designing powerful ways they can act within their existing roles and resources to influence and lead others through times of change and uncertainty. Sessions also build resilience and provide tools for influencing, encouraging creative thinking and ambitious vision-setting.

Our group coaching also creates a powerful space in which people can develop closer relationships with each other that long outlive the coaching sessions. We consistently hear that participants feel a deeper sense of connection with colleagues, and that this is as important an outcome for them as the new awareness and skills they’ve gained through coaching.

Topics for the sessions

Topics are co-created with the group so that they meet their needs and goals. A few examples of possible topics are:

  • Defining personal values and relationship with the environment
  • Overcoming blockers to influencing others about the environment
  • Processing big emotions around climate and environmental degradation
  • Ambitious, measurable goal setting and working together to hold each other to account
  • Self-care and resilience planning

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