Climate Change Coaching Mastery

March 2024 cohort

⇒ Our next cohort begins 12 March, 2024. Note this programme runs once a year.

⇒ FINAL deadline to sign up for the course is 7 March, 2024 (availability permitting).

⇒ Get a free copy of our book Climate Change Coaching: The power of connection to create climate action, and receive it prior to the course commencing (postal time permitting).

⇒ See below for course description, programme outline, dates and alumni testimonials.

⇒ Early bird price £750.00 + VAT for the first 8 sign ups (see below in the Description section if you are eligible for one of our fee-free places)

£750.00 + VAT

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Climate Change Coaching Mastery is a continuing coach education training course that introduces you to the fundamental themes you’re likely to encounter when coaching on the topic of climate change. You’ll join Emily and Ruma, two experienced coach facilitators from our team and up to 25 other trained coaches* for 8 live group sessions over 16 weeks.

Over the course of the curriculum you’ll discover key tools and perspectives to inspire and create climate action in your clients.

What will you get?

  • Six live 2 hour group modules covering essential topics in climate change coaching, practical coaching tools to bring the theory to life, and
    live coaching demonstrations. You’ll also learn by coaching and being coached with your cohort peers in breakout rooms.
  • Two practical 2-hour lab modules where you can roadtest your learning in a collaborative, playful environment with a real coaching client and consider how you can land climate change coaching in your business.
  • Access to our online learning hub (worth over £600) – here you can dive deeper into each topic including preparatory readings and grounding exercises for each session, reflective exercises for each module, downloadable reference sheets for key coaching tools, pre-recorded coaching demos, and additional resources to further your learning.
  • A FREE copy of our book (worth £24.99) “Climate Change Coaching – the power of connection to create climate action” by Charly Cox and Sarah Flynn which you’ll receive before the course starts, so you can arrive ready to learn.
  • Coaching assignments to deepen your learning between modules.
  • Access to video recordings of each module for six weeks after the last live session.
  • A supportive yet stretching course led by two experienced climate change coach-facilitators who will share real client experiences
  • Learn with like-minded peers in a community of practice to support bringing climate change coaching into your work.

Who is this course for?

This course is a continuing education programme for trained coaches and therapists/facilitators conversant in core coaching skills. This course does not certify you as a coach as we do not cover core coaching competencies in the curriculum. The programme is designed to teach you how to apply your existing coaching skills in the context of climate change, and deepen your coaching toolkit with approaches and techniques to have more impact with your clients.

Can’t afford our course but want to develop climate change coaching skills?

As part of our commitment to develop coaches from all over the world, we are offering 2 fee-free places on every cohort to coaches in countries normally less represented on our programmes, who want to coach people where they live.

All of our work is about putting coaching into the hands of climate leaders, to inspire action that changes systems. Climate leaders in the global south often lack that kind of support and we know that the most effective kind of support comes from someone who shares their context.

Our aim with this scholarship programme is to increase the ability and capacity of coaches in the below regions, who find it difficult to cover the costs of such a training, so they can go on to support and increase the impact of their local climate leaders.

You are eligible if you are:

  • a trained coach
  • based in Africa, Asia (excluding Japan and Korea), Latin America/Caribbean, the Pacific Islands or the Arab states
  • unable to pay for your place and able to demonstrate why that’s the case
  • coaching (or wanting to) coach climate leaders where you live and can demonstrate your commitment to using your new skills with climate leaders in your country/region after this course

Click through to our application form hereclosing date 5 March 2024!

Course curriculum

Each core module will be a mix of training, live demonstration and practice coaching.

Course introduction:

Welcome to Climate Change Coaching Mastery
Key learning objectives:

  • Meet your facilitators and peers and contract this space
  • Get details of how the sessions will be run
  • Understand what makes climate changing coaching different from other coaching

Module 1:

Power, boundaries, and contractingmaking it safe to coach this subject
In this second module we’ll look at understanding and managing power and permission in a climate coaching relationship.

Key learning objectives:

  • Feel confident to appropriately bring climate change into a coaching conversation
  • Learn how to use three levels of contracting to rebalance the power in a coaching relationship
  • Recognize how the power dynamics in a relationship affect motivation and agency for climate action

Module 2:

Purpose and Possibility – changing the climate narrative
In this module we’ll be exploring purpose as a tool for resonance and sustained climate action.

Key learning objectives:

  • Be able to articulate your own purpose in relation to climate coaching
  • Learn key coaching skills to connect clients to purpose and define their climate story
  • Understand the connection between motivation/resonance and sustained climate action

Module 3:

Managing Uncertainty and Complexity navigating unknown terrain
Moving beyond traditional goal setting to help clients relate more effectively to their work in a rapidly changing climate space.

Key learning objectives:

  • Adopt an unattached climate coaching mindset that you can model for your clients
  • Learn key coaching skills to take your clients from a state of overwhelm to navigating complexity with curiosity and an emergent perspective
  • Understand that climate change is a complex problem and requires more that standard goal setting to achieve climate targets

Land the Learning Lab 1:

live coaching practice and business development insights
A chance to coach and observe others live in front of the room with a real (individual) client. Understand how you can land climate change coaching in your business in an authentic way.

Key learning objectives:

  • Permission to experiment, be playful and fail as we learn together
  • Practice and observe key coaching skills you’ve learned throughout the course in a live setting with a real client
  • Map an ideal client using the collective intelligence of the group.

Module 4:

Individual and System Scarcity – finding an alternative mindset
In this module we unpack the  impact of a scarcity mindset on our ability to act on climate and learn how to access more creative states.

Key learning objectives:

  • Adopt an expansive mindset that allows for possibility and new perspectives
  • Learn key approaches in coaching scarcity and systemic collusion
  • Identify common triggers and expressions of scarcity in relation to climate change and how to self-manage

Land the Learning Lab 2:

live coaching practice and business development insights
More coaching and observing others live in front of the room with a real (corporate) client. Understand how you can land climate change coaching in your business in an authentic way.

Key learning objectives:

  • Permission to experiment, be playful and fail as we learn together
  • Practice and observe key coaching skills you’ve learned throughout the course in a live setting with a real client
  • Explore the climate change coaching eco-system to understand where you and your potential clients fit.

Module 5:

Eco-anxiety and Grief – exploring the value in intense climate emotions
Here we look at how to process and move through powerful climate emotions to access the love and commitment that exists beneath.

Key learning objectives:

  • Embody a coaching style that can create space for intense climate emotions
  • Learn key coaching skills in helping clients to transform eco-anxiety, anger and grief into new ways of being and doing.
  • Understand the importance of emotional flexibility (being with and processing difficult emotions) in sustained climate action

Module 6:

Well-being and Resilience – standing on the burning platform without burning out
In our final module we cover methods and tools for maintaining resonance and energy for climate work.

Key learning objectives:

  • Embrace a deep-care attitude when working in the climate space
  • Learn key coaching skills to help protect a client’s resonance for climate work and build a practical resilience toolkit
  • Understand the importance of modelling the new paradigm with behaviours in the present.


Course introduction: What is climate change coaching? Tuesday 12 March 2024, 14.00–15.00 GMT

Module 1: Purpose and Possibility: changing the climate narrative – Tuesday 19 March 2024, 14.00–16.00 GMT

Module 2: Power, boundaries and contracting – Tuesday 2 April 2024, 14.00–16.00 GMT

Module 3: Managing Uncertainty and Complexity – Tuesday 23 April 2024, 14.00–16.00 GMT

Practice Skills Lab 1: Coaching Skills and Business Development – Tuesday 7 May 2024, 14.00–16.00 GMT

Module 4:  Mindset Shifting: Individual and System Scarcity – Tuesday 21 May 2024, 14.00–16.00 GMT

Practice Skills Lab 2 – Coaching Skills and Business Development – Tuesday 4 June 2024, 14.00–16.00 GMT

Module 5: Eco-anxiety and Grief – Tuesday 18 June 2024, 14.00–16.00 GMT

Module 6: Well-being and Resilience – Tuesday 2 July 2024, 14.00–16.00 GMT

Alumni Testimonials

what our alumni have said about training with us

“This is an excellent, well-designed course, I am now better at supporting others to build the resilience, skills and sense of purpose needed to navigate complex times.” – Molly, Regenerative Coach and Team Facilitator

“This programme brings crucial perspectives and tools to galvanise behavioral change in the transition to a sustainable world. It has been transformative, and I can´t think of a more meaningful role to play than this” – Ulla-Marie, Climate Community Organizer and Climate Coach.

“Taking this program was a very personal and deep experience. I will be using the tools I learned throughout my coaching practice.” – Eliza, Future at Play Ltd CEO

“This feels like essential work for me to be doing, and I feel better equipped now and grateful for my ability to do so.” –  Elisabeth, Coach and Advocate for Neurodiversity and for the Environment.

“The Climate Coaching Training provided a clear path to marry my passion for coaching with the cause I care about the most: the environmental crisis. It offered useful reflections, resources and tools; and has given access to an inspiring network of like-minded persons from all over the world who share the same vision.” – Diego, Coach

“A well organised, high quality training experience, providing innovative and inspiring ways to coach and work with the issues and emotions around climate and environment.” – Jules, Coach

Invaluable and had significant impact on helping to my thinking forward” – Louisa, Coach

Expertly designed and led.”  – Alison, Coach

Challenging and rewarding.” – Amanda, Coach

Engaging, inspiring, and deeply meaningful.” – Elizabeth, Coach

A very special learning experience for me, different to any other type of programme I had experienced before.” – Meret, Coach

“It gave me the confidence to start practising immediately… I couldn’t have learned what I learned anywhere else!” – Charlotte, Coach

Highly recommended. Knowledgeable, warm and experienced, the faculty will connect you with a rich range of coaching resources and like-minded people.” – Paula, Coach

Terms and Conditions

The climate change coaches Ltd shall take full payment at time of booking. Should the minimum number of participants required not be reached, those who have paid to join the group shall be refunded or offered a space on the next group, as they prefer.

Our full terms and conditions are as follows:
1. ‘Climate Change Coaches’ means Climate Change Coaches Limited, a company registered in England and Wales No 12204746 whose registered office is at Crown House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX. ‘Programme’ means the information programme, training course, workshop, and/or other event provided by Climate Change Coaches under the agreement. ‘You’ means the natural person applying to attend the programme, and where such person is a delegate on behalf of an organisation, ‘You’ shall refer jointly and severally to the natural person and the organisation, on whose behalf you warrant you have the authority to bind by proceeding with the

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4. Unless otherwise specified, VAT shall be additionally applicable to any stated fees.

5. Reservations cannot be confirmed until payment of the fees in full has been received. Confirmation of allotted placement shall be sent within seven (7) working days of receipt of application and full fee. Climate Change Coaches reserves the right to decline the registration of any applicant at its absolute discretion and shall refund any fees received in such an instance.

6. In the event Climate Change Coaches elects to accept a late registration, payment must be received in full prior to attendance of the first day of the programme.

7. Climate Change Coaches reserve the right to refuse admission in the event of failure to observe any of these Terms and Conditions, including for the avoidance of doubt the foregoing payment obligations.

8. Unless otherwise specified all programme events are to be held online, at a link provided by Climate Change Coaches. Climate Change Coaches shall advise any important information or changes including online meeting location at least seven (7) days before the event.

9. Requests to transfer from one programme date to another must be made in writing and received by Climate Change Coaches with twenty eight (28) or more days’ notice prior to the originally scheduled programme date. You shall be liable for a re-scheduling fee of 25% + VAT of the initial programme(s) fee paid in addition to any additional fee for the new programme. Attendance must be within eight months of the original programme date.

10. For cancellations made in writing the following refunds will apply:
–– Over 28 days before the event, a full refund of course fees;
–– 14 to 28 days before the event, a 50% refund of course fees;
–– 14 days or less before the event, no refund.

11. Trainee substitutions can be made without incurring a penalty provided these changes are made in writing and received by Climate Change Coaches at least twenty eight (28) working days before the programme start date. If a trainee wishes to make a substitution within 28 days there will be an administrative charge of 25% of the course fee.

12. Climate Change Coaches reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the programme at its absolute discretion, and in such case shall give as much notice as reasonably practicable. Should Climate Change Coaches cancel the programme, an alternative date will be offered or a full refund will be made but Climate Change Coaches shall not be liable for any other costs or losses incurred.

13. Climate Change Coaches shall deliver the programme in accordance with its promoted description using reasonable skill and care but makes no warranty in respect of any outcomes or results.

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