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Webinar, Niching Your Coaching Around the Planet

Our March 4th webinar “4 Ways to Niche Your Coaching Around the Planet” was attended by almost 100 coaches, with another 70 receiving the recording.

On Climate Coaching Action Day 2021, four of the Climate Change Coaches team came together to offer a fun, open discussion of how to niche a coaching business in service of the planet. As part of the Climate Coaching Alliance’s 24 Hour Conversation in support of the day, the team shared insights and ideas about the distinct coaching areas that they occupy, including: green career transition, connecting to nature, eating for the planet, climate entrepreneurship and developing leaders in sustainability.

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Watch the recording!

As coaches, we know there are a myriad of different ways that we can support passionate people who want to do something for the environment, and the team hoped to spark some ideas in the coaching community with a free, conversational webinar. `Hamish, Megan, Emily and Charly explained their niches and then threw the session open for an in-depth Q&A.

What people said about the session:

“A very powerful session with deep sharing – priceless”

“I wanted to thank you for your presentation at #CCA24hr . It really inspired me how generously you shared all your experience with us. What particularly resonated with me was the idea of mixing the coaching principles with more practical things.”

“Thank you all speakers – generous sharing, gems of info and a wonderfully inclusive space held”

“Thank you Charly, Hamish, Megan & Emily… Wonderful & generous session.”

“So much learning to process … thank you all for your generous sharing and beautiful role modelling”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful honesty and transparency.”

“First time Ive been involved with Climate Change Coaches. Wow, I’ve totally enjoyed this session, thank you so much for sharing your passions, ideas and lessons learnt. Its been so authentic and its really inspired me and given me lots of thoughts. Thank you all.”