May Bartlett

May Bartlett, Climate Change Coach

Tales of people applying a coaching approach to our climate problems.

May is the Lead Coach and Envisionist at Wellspace SF. She works with people to help create positive global impact, enabling them to align their personal sense of purpose with their larger contribution in the world. May completed our coaching training programme in the hope of incorporating more explicit climate coaching into her work. She spoke with Zoe Greenwood in our team about her coaching work and passion for the environment.


Zoe: So May, what took you into coaching?

May: I was at a crossroads in my life after graduating college with a Philosophy degree. I knew I wanted to help people and I had a knack for looking beneath the surface of perceived reality. I found my way to coaching after exploring a potential career in therapy. I ultimately chose coaching because I resonate with the future-focused approach and feel called to empower people to break free from systemic pressures to think and live differently in the world.

Zoe: And where does your interest in climate change stem from?

May: I have cared about climate change for as long as I can remember. My dad is an environmentalist from the hippie era who instilled practices of recycling and mindful resource use at a young age. I used to be the one on the soccer team who would gather up people’s plastic water bottles and take them home to recycle, and when I was 14, I made a mini documentary about environmentally friendly practices.

Zoe: What would you do to change the world if you could do just one thing?

May: I would heal our relationship with the planet. I believe at the root of climate change is how we relate to the rest of the natural world. Our current relationship with nature is one of abuse. In order to build a mutually enhancing future for our planet, we need to fundamentally change how we view our role as humans within the earth community. We can’t solve this problem from the belief that we are the superior species and earth is our resource. Instead we need to shift our mindset to one of mutual respect and equality.

Zoe: Tell us what are you working on now around climate change and coaching?

May: I recently launched a global impact coaching program designed to help leaders intentionally participate in the future of our planet. It’s my way of working with leaders to help shift our relationship with the planet to build a sustainable future. Throughout the 9-month journey, participants will intentionally participate in the global transformation underway by unleashing their highest potential, creating a vision for the future of our planet, determining their role in leading us to that future, and collaborating with a group of similarly intentioned individuals.


A big thanks to May for speaking with us. You can find out more about May’s course, Global Impact Coaching here!