Woman smiling engaged in conversation

Check Out our 2020!

Here’s a little video we made to celebrate a surprising year.

We think that we can all say that 2020 didn’t exactly go as planned per se. So we are almost as surprised as anyone at how much we got done this year. Our team not only pulled out the stops for the people with whom we work, but also with each other, supporting each other behind the scenes through the worst of several lockdowns and collaborating in pairs and threes to produce really standout workshops and training programmes. When you do work that is deeply motivating, it is really easy to keep ploughing forward without stopping to look back and celebrate.

So the wonderful Emily Buchanan in our team made this short video to help us all celebrate a year in which we feel really proud of what we achieved, despite the pandemic, and which has also brought us closer as a team. A big thank you to everyone with whom we worked this year, and deepest gratitude to all of our fantastic team for their hard work and dedication.

Charly Cox, Oxford, UK
17th December, 2020